Should I enable telemetry?

In the end, it is of course your own desision. But I will try to explain why built telemetry in Light Party.

Which data is sent by Light Party, when telemetry is enabled?

When telemetry is enabled, a request is sent to a server each time you start the application. This request contains the names of your country and state, which are detected in beforehand with the help of a service from Cloudflare.

You can find more about that topic in the summary of the Privacy Policy.

Why does Light Party collect this data?

Basically, I (the developer) want to know how many people are really using Light Party so that I can evaluate translations of the application in other languages or whether adding new features makes sense.

For example, if I know that more than a third of users use the application in Germany I might be tempted to release a german translation. Or when I notice that the application is very popular, it's far more likely that I implement a demanding feature.

But like I said in the beginning: In the end, it is of course your own desision. I can competly understand you, if you don't want to have telemetry activated. However, I'm pleased for everyone who enables telemetry.