Legal notice, privacy and telemetry

The following content describes legal information of the website and contains privacy and telemetry options.

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Legal notice ("Impressum")

Clemens Koprolin

Vienna, Austria, Europe


By using, you hereby consent to it's Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

Telemetry options

This website gives you the option to enable or disable telemetry.

If enabled collects additionally the time when you vist a page, the path of the page you visit and how long you stay on a particular page.

Keep in mind, even if telemetry is disabled, some data is still collected. Please read the Privacy Policy for more information.

But why does this website collect this data? Basically, I (the developer) want to know how many people are really using this website so that I can evaluate translations of the application in other languages or whether adding new features makes sense.

Telemetry is

Resetting cookies

By resetting the cookies, cannot distinguish you from any other new visitor. You will therefore receive new cookies. This option deletes your preferences, too. Cookies which help identifing you are automatically deleted and renewed every 30 days.